Speaker Profile: Mr. Shashi K. Dholandas, Associate General Counsel, TheJudge Limited



Mr. Shashi K. Dholandas, Associate General Counsel, TheJudge Limited, will be moderating Panel Discussion III: Institutional Arbitration In India: Past, Present And Future on October 16, 2016.

Mr. Dholandas is Associate General Counsel with TheJudge Limited, an independent Third Party Funding and Insurance broker specializing in international arbitration. He has previously served as a Director and International Case Counsel with the ICDR and ICDR Canada, where he has administered over three hundred disputes involving parties and arbitrators from around the world. He is also a guest lecturer on arbitration at Rutgers Law School.

His work profile includes having advised arbitrators and parties on legal and administrative aspects of complex international arbitral procedure under the various rule-sets of the ICDR, ICDR Canada, and the AAA; review and revision of Tribunal issued emergency, interim, and final awards to ensure clarity, scope, and enforceability; and preparation of memoranda and recommendations on jurisdictional objections, arbitrator disqualifications, and rule interpretation. In his present capacity, he thus oversees all ICDR cases having a Canadian nexus. He is also Co-chair of the ICDR Practice Moot and Lecture Series.

Mr. Dholandas will be discussing the lessons that India can learn from the American Arbitration Association and Canada, in its move towards furthering institutional arbitration.

To see the full programme of the conference, please click on the following link: http://tinyurl.com/zt4klal





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